capitol k9 clubAbout

Capitol Canine Club allows dogs to play cage-free with other dogs while also practicing some basic training and manners. The dogs are walked outside before and after play times, and are given a nap period mid-day. This program allows dogs maximum freedom to run, play, and interact with other dogs while being closely supervised by trained staff. Our Club offers pets a doggie day care experience with the same high quality of care that is expected from Old Dominion Animal Health Center.


As with all of our boarding clients, members of Capitol Canine Club will be current on all vaccinations to provide a disease-free environment for your dogs to play.  In addition, our Club members will all have record of a negative fecal test annually to keep our play space free of parasites and pathogenic protozoa.  We provide a worry-free environment for your pet to socialize with other animals that are as healthy and well-loved as your own.


Staff members of Capitol Canine Club have been thoroughly trained and evaluated by C&C PALS president Carole Peeler, CPDT, CDBC, CNWI, who has more than eighteen years of experience in dog training and canine behavior consultation. She is certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is also certified as a dog behavior consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Inc. (IAABC).  Unlike many cage-free boarding/day care facilities, Capitol Canine Club has veterinarians immediately available to our participants if, for any reason, your dog is not feeling well during the day.


All day care pets must have a completed application, pass an evaluation, and have proof of current vaccinations.  Our evaluation consists of determining the comfort of the dog with staff, being handled, being kenneled, and interactions with other dogs. Dogs exhibiting aggression toward people or dogs, showing signs of guarding resources, or high levels of anxiety are not appropriate candidates for day care. Evaluations take approximately 30 minutes and cost $35 per dog. Dogs that have not attended Capitol Canine Club for more than 6 months will need to be re-evaluated before returning.


Dogs are grouped depending on their temperament, play style, and energy level. Play groups are rotated throughout the morning to ensure that play is happy and friendly! Everybody gets a mid-day break and/or nap and then the play groups get going again in the afternoon! Throughout the day, good manners, like sitting politely, waiting for a treat, taking treats nicely, taking turns going through a doorway, and no barking are encouraged!